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Official Video Release 'Emergency'

Love, Siobhan

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Tampa Bay Heritage Fest 15 Jan 2022

'Jane Doe' Unplugged 23 Jan 2022

Lauren Hill Tribute w/Full Orchestra, Straz Center, Tampa, FL, August 2022



From the roots of her ancestors, the souls of her predecessors, and the rhythms of her contemporaries, Siobhan Monique brings an independent and refreshing voice to center stage. Siobhan is the face of emerging record label: Ancestral Funk, Inc. Tag line: The Sound. The Community. The Movement. 


Siobhan is love. Siobhan is hope. Siobhan is all people. She delivers songs that speak to the global human condition without regard for genre, color, borders, labels, or judgment. Siobhan is pure. It is accurate to call her sultry, funky, enigmatic, soul-stirring, smoky, or stormy because she embodies all of these characteristics. But most of all, call her the real deal.


Siobhan Monique is the ultimate musical experience for anyone who appreciates a performer who is fiercely committed and true to their craft. This visually stunning goddess beguiles audiences with her own signature style of storytelling through the art of singing. 

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Siobhan Monique: Love, Unity and Enlightenment. Official Spokesperson for RaceWithoutIsm, Inc, a 501(c)(3) dialogue generation organization focused on eradicating RACISM, with ancillary focus on inclusion and diversity. Visit www.racewithoutsim.com 

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Ancestral Funk, Inc. is an arts emporium that allows artists to be who they were purposed to be. Our tag line is 'The Sound. The Community. The Movement.' The SOUND is the alchemy of authentic rhythms passed down through generations of ancestral roots. The  COMMUNITY consists of all artists and individuals who celebrate the goodness and value of their peace-loving ancestors. The MOVEMENT includes all artists, their followers, fans and individuals who believe that there is only one race, the human race. As responsible Descendants, we promote LOVE, UNITY and ENLIGHTENMENT... always!




Saint Petersburg, Florida



Ancestral Funk


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The Negro Ninjaz Band



Ancestral Funk Music, Inc

This is the trademarked logo for Ancestral Funk, Inc.


Tribute to Marian Anderson, St. Petersburg, FL, 11.10.19

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Melissa Cooper Roland, Manager, ancestralfunk@gmail.com, 727.385.4764


Danny E. White, Publicist, ancestralfunkcurator@gmail.com,


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