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our family of vendors

We believe in 'the village' concept. As a small business, our opportunity is to champion other small businesses to promote mutual growth, respect and equity. Be sure to lend your support! 


Promote AntiRacism St. Pete

About us:
• We offer free antiracism signs to local folx and activists to build background support, visibility, & an unforgettable presence throughout St. Pete. Signs are designed and printed by Black Owned Businesses and Indigenous activists.
• We have a free Lending Library of over 50 titles to help build education, unlearning, self-reflection, & an antiracism toolkit from almost exclusively BIPOC authors. Books are donated to us, or purchased from Black Owned Bookstores and self-published authors.
• We run our Instagram page to promote and direct folx to local and national BIPOC organizations, activists, events, & joy, and occasionally offer free giveaways and raffles to locals.

Link Tree:


Library collection website:


AJ's Snowballs

Who We Are


AJ’s Snowballs started as a small family owned business in 2002. AJ's is named after my daughters Alexa and Jadah. Since our inception, AJ’s Snowballs has grown at a rapid pace.  We believe AJ's growth is fueled by our commitment to our company's mission. 


Our Mission

-Provide a Quality & Flavorful Snowball Experience 

-Deliver Top Notch Customer Service 

-Give Back To The Community

Go visit:


Cynshine Wine

Some people daydream while others put in the necessary work to live those dreams daily. Ms. Washington is the latter of the two. With research, bravery, and perseverance, a Black owned wine was born.

Ms. Washington’s first wine tasting took place at a Black owned shop. It was there that her love for wine was born and her palette began to grow. That experience was a defining moment that opened up a new realm of possibilities. She began researching wine and found a community of Black owned wines and wineries. Why only read about this community when becoming a member of it was possible? Her dream was birthed into reality, solidifying her seat at the table in the Black owned wine community.

Read More About Cynshine Wine and Order Here:


About Us

How we Started

This Food Truck idea came out frustration of not being able to find Good food and Smoothies around. The idea came to life, we made a plan, a pact that we would work together and not give up until our vision came to life. Today, we can say that we put every nail and wall inside this truck, we ran every wire, painted/designed/detailed the truck together. We designed and took every picture for this website! We want so badly to share with Others the food and smiles that make our Good Life that much better!! What makes your Good Life? Send us your Pictures of what your Good Life Looks like and win a free Lunch for your office, or your household(Limit 5 free Combo's)  We will bring the truck and stay/play music, and cook for 1 hour on Us! 

*We want everyone to know that everything on our food truck is Vegan, except the fish. This includes all sauces. Tarter sauce, coleslaw, etc are all home made, vegan style! 

Read more on their website:  The Good Life Food Company


KinJo Kolectiv is a union of kindred spirits who were destined for greatness together. 


Joe & Kesha were born and raised in Sarasota, FL. They first met in elementary school; reunited in high school and became high school sweethearts and have been together since 1991.


In 2019, Kesha began crafting more as she had always been able to be creative with her hands.  She’d also always been attracted to silver and gold, as well as crystals and gemstones, but began exploring that more. Joe always made sure there was sage and incense in the home.  


Joe and Kesha were always consumers of gemstones, jewelry and sage. There was a moment that they decided they could and should start creating what they loved.  So Joe pushed the idea forward and started producing orgone pyramids and pendants for necklaces and setting up staging props.  


That transition is where Joe and Kesha established what is now known as, KinJo Kolectiv LLC.

(Read More and Shop at: Kinjo Kolective – Kinjo Kolective)




Cocoblue tours is a private tour company in Kingston, Jamaica,  that offers a variety of customized and authentic experiences for guests from all over the world, who desire to see feel and taste the real Jamaica. We know this little island intimately, better than the back of our hands. We are familiar with the melodious and colourful patois cadences. We know where the most glorious stretches of feather-soft sand are located. We know where to find the juiciest jerk chicken and the tastiest rum punch. We will serve as the connecting thread between you and the real Jamaica. 

It’s not just our personal expertise that gives us the upper hand when it comes to crafting customized Jamaica travel itineraries, it’s also our willingness to listen to what you want and then give your desire. Keen to retrace the roots of reggae or taste some of that famous Blue Mountain Coffee? Want to learn how to make and taste some of Jamaica’s most delectable cuisines, or even learn a little patois? Whatever you have in mind, we can put it all together to produce one truly memorable experience. Not sure what to choose? Well, we can create something for you. Enjoy Jamaica the Cocoblue way. 

Heading 2



Owner Tigris M. embody this vision into every handbag offered to all Lei Chaurelle fans. With an undeniable sense of fashion at a very early age adopted from the strong sophisticated woman that raised her. Sensational ladies of the Eastern Star, AKAs, Jack & Jill Organization beared glamorous influence on Tigris development of original style with unconventional electric pop of fashion boldness!

Today Lei Chaurelle impart its stamp on fashion realm with multitude of diverse color, organic shapes, comfortable carry accessories, functional European style and eye popping hardware.

The incentive to don one of these bags they are designer inspired bags for fraction of the cost. Just as the designer bags like Gucci, Prada, LV, Chole these are handcrafted from 100% Top Grain Leather. Cut, Dyed, Stitched right in heart of Italy.

Artistic Mane Mobile Hair Cuts


Artistic Mane Mobile Cuts & more is an up & coming salon on wheels! Bringing to you the latest cuts and styles to suit your fashion needs.

On-demand traveling stylist



Company that educates others about the endocannabinoid system and also provides CBD and delta 8 products for purchase.


(305) 900-4511


Divalicious Drinks & Food


Sip or Mix Drinks and Authentically Made Eats!


Click The Logo For Details

Concealed Carry Resources Every Gun Owner Needs


Whether you’re looking for concealed carry training, facts about firearms, gun laws, shooting ranges or self-defense information, the USCCA has compiled everything you need to know to legally and effectively protect the ones you love.

Browse the selections below to access our most popular and comprehensive concealed carry resources to help you become a safe, knowledgeable and confident first line of defense.

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